Eating in Melbourne

Staying in Melbourne for a month was definitely the best experience we have ever had. We could not have made a better choice. We have no words to describe how beautiful the city is. There are admirable gardens, countless cafés & restaurants, shops and many tourist attractions.
When it came to food we tried as much as we could such as rhubarb, lamington ice cream (yes, it does exist!),  Marmite (could not leave Australia without trying it), Tim Tam, buttermilk, greek yohgurt, cranberries, the best chips and vegetarian burger in the whole world, good quality peanut butter, maple syrup, Starbucks frappuccino and cappuccino, british muffins, scones, danish blue cheese, thai pad, vegetarian cheese...It was worth every penny!
You can see below some pictures of Queen Victoria Market. You can find there anything you want: cheap souvenirs & clothes and good quality food from all over the world. Walking through the food section makes you feel starving just by looking at the huge variety of fruit & vegetables which smell really fresh!

Queen Victoria Market

Those doughnuts are simply delicous and they cost only $6! They are filled with a sort of jam, rolled in crystal sugar and fried as soon as ordered. It could not be better, mate!

Find out more about Queen Victoria Market here:


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